Electric Power Distribution System | Types | HappyEnterprise

Electric Power Distribution System | Types | HappyEnterprise

Power distribution refers to the way in which electrical power is transmitted and distributed to consumers, such as homes and businesses. The power distribution system includes transmission lines, substations, and distribution lines, which transport electricity from the point of generation to the point of use.

Power distribution systems can be divided into high-voltage transmission systems, which operate at high voltages (typically above 100 kV) and are used to transmit electricity over long distances, and low-voltage distribution systems, which operate at lower voltages (typically below 35 kV) and are used to distribute electricity to end users.

There are two type of power distribution system

1)  Ovehead Distribution System which use poles and wires to transmit electricity.

Overhead Distribution System

2)  Underground Distribution System which use underground cable to transmit electricity.

Underground Distribution System


System CostLowHigh
SafetyLess SafeMore Safe
Possibility Of ExpansionEasyDifficult
Size Of The Conductor For The Same CapacitySmallLarge
Fault DetectionEasyDifficult
Suitability For Long DistanceYesNo
Comparison of undergroung And Overhead Dis. System

➤ An overhead cable system has several advantages and disadvantages.

                     Advantages                 Disadvantges
Reduce Right-of-way and Property EcquisitionAesthetically Unappealing
Reduce Maintenance CostsSusceptible To Damage
Quicker And Easier To InstallSafety Concerns
High CapacityInterference With Aircraft

➤ Underground Cable System Also Has Some Advantages And Disadvantages.

                     Advantages                 Disadvantges
Aesthetically PleasingHigher Maintenance And Installation Costs
Reduce Risk Of DamageLonger Installation Time
Improve SafetyLimited Capacity
Reduce Interference With AircraftRight-of-Way And Property Acquisition


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