FP-25 Calibrator kit for Air Quality Monitoring


Complete calibration kit for all of your air quality monitoring needs. Portable mass flow standard that calibrates temperature, pressure, and flow for a variety of air samplers.  NIST traceable readings with high accuracy for EPA reporting. Bluetooth and customized app makes remote calibration from your phone possible. Built in relative humidity sensor for even more accurate readings.


  • NIST Traceable Flow, Pressure, and Temperature Calibration – Comes with Certificate
  • Flow Accuracy of +/- 1% of Reading – Even at Low Flow Rates
  • Accurate in Any Weather – From -30°C to +60°C and IP67 certified
  • Includes relative-humidity sensor accurate up to 95% RH

Easy to Use

  • Comes with Bluetooth and Alicat Connect App – Capture and Log Your Flow Data in Real Time
  • Portable Calibrator – Rechargeable Battery, Compact, Comprehensive Kit


  • Waterproof Pelican Case – Custom Inserts for FP-25 and Accessories
  • Drop Resistant Technology – No Glass, No Pistons, No Problems



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